Service and Repair

Our qualified technicians will identify the source of the problem, replace or repair the parts to get your vehicle back on the job as soon as possible


Take advantage of our no-obligation verification of your vehicle’s electrical systems. Whether your equipment was installed by us or by someone else, our team of expert technicians will make sure that everything is working to the highest industry standard. Trust Mobile Power Solutions’ expert technicians to quickly and effectively solve any electrical system issues with your vehicle.



Our specialists will take care of configuring the equipment on your next vehicle to allow your professionals to work efficiently and safely without worrying about power availability and/or system failure.



If you’re facing electrical problems that are keeping your vehicles from working to their full potential, our qualified technicians will diagnose, repair or replace any faulty components, and return your vehicle to optimal performance with the least amount of downtime possible. In addition to repairing and maintaining the products we install and distribute, our team of highly specialized technicians also possess the expertise and high-tech equipment to diagnose and repair your vehicle’s electrical systems to get your equipment back into service.


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